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My name is Sirinut Chimplee ,I am a Thai farmers. Culture and breeding the betta fish directly in Thailand .My farm is at Nakhon Pathom Province. Locat in West from the capital Bangkok of Thailand. My locate farm has a good weather and good natural fish food. Suitable for betta fish .

When I was younger, age 12 years the primary school off every semester I worked for keep money for my new dressing school from fish farm neighbor. I like the Betta Fishtoo much. Because betta fish are difficult dead , weather conditions , save space in keep them , And blood line fighter culture to be fight, In the last reason is that myself.

Important betta fish( Betta splendens) with many beautiful colors. In my thinking the betta fish like a  precious stones but them have life (Compared with)
after I graduate Degree. Business Administration in year 1999

In year 1999 , I building a small farm betta fish. Starting breeding and keeping in Long Fin betta species because this more easy to keeping and sale into local market. I began to collect experience and develop the breed betta to have more variety like crowntail betta, half moon, short fin, double tail, wildtype betta, long fin betta, giant betta since then.

This is my farm today year 2010. I extend my betta farm has 100,000 bottles and 200 Circle concrete tank 80 cm for fry fish.

To To ensure quality standards and is allowed more competition, so I sent the fish Betta contest in Thailand, in receive Awards prizes Betta contest betta, prize Top 1. Top 2 Top 3. And honorable mention In. In now had receive prize Award “ BEST IN SHOW “Betta contest 2010 Nakhonpathom fish fair 2010.
If you feel touch them once you love them like me. And I hope my fish will make you happy and a smile for you.
With best regards                                                                               
Sirinut Chimplee                                                                                         
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